The Divine Director

Ancient seers of India believed that God is the director of the play called Lila (creation), somewhat similar to the films/dramas directed by human beings. But unlike in a man-made film wherein its production involves the collective efforts of the producer, director, story writer, camera man, editor and others, in the creation play of God, He alone is the sole maker. While the duration of a man-made film is of two to three hours, the film directed by God may be of the duration between a few seconds to centuries. For instance soon after the birth of a character (soul) it may die or live up to decades like man, elephants, tortoise, tree, rocks, planets, stars, etc. While a human directed film has animate and mostly human characters and occasionally animals, the film called creation directed by God has both animate and inanimate characters and mostly non-human characters in abundance (microorganisms, insects, birds, reptiles, etc.) While a character may or may not accept the role given by a human director, one (soul) is forced to accept and play whatever role is given by the director called God. It may be a prince or a pauper, male or female, animal or insect. In God’s play only the human characters have been given the faculty of thinking. This faculty has provided him with alternate concepts like good-bad, right-wrong, pleasant-unpleasant, like-dislike, love-hate, etc., of which he prefers one to the other. This has resulted in humans to be always miserable as unlike in the film directed by the human director, where the characters can grow in status and may even overshadow the director, in the play directed by God, He alone and always predominates and his characters have no choice. While in a human directed play, characters have to act consciously, in a God directed play the characters act unconsciously. Once the character (soul) becomes conscious of itself, enlightenment happens.

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