Myth of Indian Democracy

It is a myth that India is the world largest democracy. The fact is India is one of the world largest slave camp, being run by gangster politicians, oppressive and heartless bureaucracy and supported by licensed rowdies designated as ‘police’. The ruling dacoits in the guise of politicians have firmly rooted in power and paved way for their sons and daughters to succeed them with the active connivance of the corrupt bureaucracy. Remember this is the same bureaucracy and police which earlier carried the orders of the British before 1947. Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the first Home Minister of Independent India (Independence for crooks to carry their activities with impunity) instead of dismantling the bureaucracy and police which worked as mercenaries for the British retained it. For the common people of India it was just the change of masters, the brown replacing the white.

Only an insider know the state of affairs in India, worst form of oppression, exploitation and abuse of power by the politician/bureaucracy nexus who have made the commoners impotent. The outside world has a rosy picture of India with its so called free press, holding of elections regularly, growing economy, etc. But the truth regarding free press is that only the English media is somewhat free as its readership is microscopic, mainly elite and the English speaking middle class. While the former has benefited by the ‘System’ the latter is least bothered about the state of affairs in the country. Their only aim is to get good technical education, if possible fly abroad to a western country or get a job in an MNC. Moreover this class even though aware of the filth in the ‘System’ is not ready for big sacrifices required for fighting the ruling mafia. In case of vernacular press, reporting any scams or questioning the acts of politicians, results in the latter sending their goons to silence the former. Recently the politicians enacted a law called ‘Right to Information Act’ (RTI). But it is of no use as the rowdy politicians don’t   care even when all the irregularities committed by them are published by newspapers. The politicians attitude is like this—‘you publish, people read, then what’? They know that people are not going to raise their fingers against them. After all this is India, not France, Russia or America.

Not Democracy but Rowdycracy: One unique feature of Indian rowdycracy is that anyone can join the ‘System’. If you are a habitual liar, thick skinned, shameless, has the capacity to maintain thugs and doesn’t hesitate to take lives then the job of politician is for you. But if you insensitive, heartless, but want some quick bucks, but not ready to take risk, then you can join the bureaucracy. Apart from steady income with pension you will be accountable to none and have all the privileges of being a part of the ‘System’. If you are a sadist, psychopath, having urge to rape, assault and torment people without the fear of being punished, then join the police department, for not only you can fulfill your lust but also get regular salary, pension and bribes. While in other countries children feel safe in the presence of a policeman, in India the mere mention of his name will make children to defecate. Women especially uneducated and from rural area avoid visiting police station to file complaints for the fear of being raped. Filing false cases, collecting protection money from petty street vendors, business establishments and a share in looted goods are some of the work one is supposed to do in this department. In return for this freedom and license to kill and loot people they are supposed to guard the politicians and suppress any voice of dissidence by the people fighting against injustice. If at all the politicians and bureaucracy in India are having a field day it is mainly due to the protection given by the police to them. They had done the same job while the British were ruling India.

Since November 2000 Iron Chanu Sharmila has been fasting in Manipur demanding repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (A.F.S.P.A).  She has since being arrested, force fed and charged for attempt to suicide by the Government. And this is the government which swears by Gandhian philosophy of ahimsa. Earlier in 1953, Potti Sriramulu became a martyr fasting continuously for months to fulfill his demand for the formation of a Telugu speaking province. Only after his death the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, (claiming to be a close disciple of Mahatma Gandhi) did decide to constitute a committee to go through the issue. If Nehru had really believed in ahimsa and Sathygraha he would had heeded to the plea of Sriramulu immediately after one day or two the latter beginning his fast. What would be the state of health/body if one fasts for a whole day, only a sensitive person will know. But right from the day when the British left and Indian politicians took over the reins of power they have been preaching us, the common people to follow nonviolent methods to get their legitimate demands met while at the same time they don’t hesitate to use brute force to suppress people’s voice. The present Indian government use the same method adopted by the British in making the Indian masses impotent. The common people are implicated in false charges and imprisoned, family members are harassed all for raising their voice against injustice, inequalities and corruption.

Indian Government is Illegitimate: It may sound strange but it is true that since 1947 Indians have been under illegitimate rule. Think over it. It was under the aegis of the British government, that a constitution body was constituted to frame a constitution for India. The members included those belonging to Muslim League, who did not participate in the framing of Indian constitution as their goal was to have a separate state of Pakistan. Then there were representatives from the Princely states who in fact were there to frame a separate constitution for their respective states not for the country as a whole. Sardar Patel who was in charge of convincing the Princely states to merge with British ruled India wanted the states to transfer at least portfolios like Defense, Foreign affairs and Communications with the Indian government and retain hold over the rest of portfolios. But later they under the influence of national sentiments decided to merge their state with the Indian Union and agreed for a single constitution. But the real question is who were the Britishers to decide on constituting a body to frame a constitution, as their rule itself was illegal, having conquered India by force and deception?. As the present constitution of India is framed (by plagiarizing from the constitution of other countries) by people who were elected by limited electorates (even they were supporters of the British as Gandhiji had on several occasions asked Indians to boycott the polls regularly conducted by the British and the Congress party had refused to accept the constitution of 1935). When the Congress party had as late in 1942 asked the British to quit India, how come within four years they could take part in the election held under the auspices of the British.

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