Cowardice not corruption, bane of Indian society

One thing we learn by studying world history is that countries which are now considered rich and powerful earlier possessed colonies from which they plundered and accumulated wealth. Most of the western European countries, USA, Japan are example for this. One positive result of this pillage was it was utilized for scientific research and as a result we find these countries becoming centers for scientific research and technological innovation. If at all today we are enjoying the fruits of various technological gadgets, the credit goes to these countries that had and even now invest heavily in research activities. Though these countries plundered the third world they also after relinquishing power over their former colonies provided aid for reconstruction, provided scholarship to their students and helped in various humanitarian activities. Though the above nations plundered third world countries, the latter have within a few decades, bounced back and are now, economically well progressed. For instance Singapore, South Korea, China have made marvelous progress in economic and technological field. Even India in spite of global economic recession is having a stable economic growth. But what has all these things to do with the above heading- cowardice and not corruption a bane of Indian society? The point I want to make is that just like the western world had plundered the third world countries and had utilized it for research, similarly corruption in India has seen wealth being distributed in an indirect way. For instance let us presume that a person has amassed wealth thought corrupt practices. What does he do with that money? Let us say he will purchase a house or build it. The money which he has taken as bribe will now had to be spent on procuring building materials, as labour charges, etc. In an indirect way the bribe money is going into the pockets of labourers, steel and cement manufacturers, shops selling hardware, electrical and plumbing goods. After the completion of the house the same bribe money is spent on priests, caterers, for printing invitation cards, etc. for the purpose of organizing the house warming ceremony. If not for purchasing a house, he may utilize it to buy jewels, an automobile, or spend it in visiting restaurants, buying clothes, going on vacation, in whatever way he has to spend and thereby share the money with others. We all know that in India many television channels are owned by politicians. It is the ill-gotten money which they have invested in funding these channels. But this has provided jobs to hundreds of young men and women, has been promoting cultural activities and also exposing minor frauds and crimes taking place in the society. We also know that the Indian film industry is being supported by black money. If not slashed abroad in foreign banks, I feel that money earned through corrupt means will in one way or the other find its way to back to the people’s pocket. To give another example, during elections political parties and their candidates who had earlier earned money through corrupt practices have to spend to hire people, vehicles, to print pamphlets, banners, to pay for advertisement and bribe voters with goodies, including cash.  

If at all Bharat is on the decline it is mainly due to the cowardice and shamelessness on the part of the elite who are at the helm of the country’s affairs and the intellectuals who are supposed to be the role models for the society. To give a few instance-

  • It was cowardice on the part of the Congress leaders who unlike Abraham Lincoln did not fight for the unity of the country and agreed for partition of India in 1947. It was once again cowardice on their part for not shifting the entire Muslim population to the newly carved Muslim homeland from India and agreeing to retain a majority of them thereby keeping alive the communal problem even today.
  • It was cowardice which prevented India to raise a voice in favour of Tibet when it was annexed by China or to help the Tibetan fight guerilla war with China. The timid attitude of Indian leaders encouraged the Chinese attack India in 1962 and wrest huge chunk of land. Even then the shameless Nehru is said to have told in the Parliament that India need not worry about the land lost to the Chinese as not even a blade of grass grows there.
  • It is cowardice which prevents our intellectuals from speaking for a thorough cleaning of the political system including drafting of a new constitution for India in spite of seeing the country going to dogs. It is lack of self-respect which makes our intellectuals including media men to cultivate and share dais with unscrupulous politicians with an eye on some titles, positions, awards and favours.
  • It is cowardice on the part of the Indian Army not to intervene in spite of the politicians plundering the country and ruining it.
  • It is cowardice which prevented India from destroying the nuclear facilities of Pakistan when it was still in its development stage even after being offered help by Israel.
  • It is cowardice on the part of our idealistic youths who want to bring reformation in the society but in the name of non-violence hesitate to take head-on with the evil forces. They talk about the activities of Maoist/evangelist/jihadi forces in destabilizing India. But what prevents them from countering their activities?
  • Knowing well that terrorism in India is funded by countries like Saudi Arabia, India does not dare to confront this issue with Saudi Arabia or break diplomatic relationship with it.
  • Musharaf openly said that he planned the Kargil episode. Still the BJP government welcomed him and even the Indian military generals shook hands with him. While in opposition the BJP speaks of nationalism, curbing terrorism with iron hand, etc. but while in power sends a senior minister to fulfill the demands of terrorists. If Israel had been in India’s position it would have brought Musharaf bound and hanged him for charges of murder. Even if lacking in boldness, the least India could have done was not to invite him or start the Lahore bus service. Even after the Mumbai mayhem we shamelessly play cricket with Pakistan team as though heavens would have fallen if cricket is not played with them. This speaks volumes of shamelessness on the part of our leaders.
  • India boasts that it is an emerging economic power and expects a seat in the UN Security Council. But all nations are watching India on how it is dealing with Pakistan which strikes at will on India at regular intervals through terrorist attacks. But what India does is to beg US to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. This pusillanimous attitude has made India a laughing stock in the comity of nations.
  • Sanatana Dharma is a way of life and not a religion with rigid dos and don’ts. But someone who cannot pronounce river Sindhu names it Hindu and calls the region east of river Sindhu as Hindustan and its people Hindus and we shamelessly accept it. Then another group of people call Sindhu as Indus and name the region east of river Sindhu as India and its people as Indians and we shamelessly accept that too. We don’t have the nerve even to say that our country’s name is Bharath and Sanatana Dharma is a way of life for us.
  • It is lack of self-respect on part of our politicians and officials who shamelessly speak in English in international forums while the Arabs, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Germans and all other self-respecting politicians and officials of other countries speak in their respective tongue. 
  • India has a vibrant cinema industry which produces films in various Indian languages and has a vast audience across the globe. Many films are big hits and results in producers making huge profits. This shows that people have appreciated their efforts. But our film makers (especially Hindi film industry) still clamour for recognition from the western world in the form of Oscars. This clamour for appreciation which they seek from the Whiteman shows their inferiority complex and lack of self-respect.
  • Corruption would not have assumed such a gigantic proportion if the bribe takers had been thrashed or their hands chopped. I am not telling this act be done personally. In India there are people willing to take others life for a few thousands rupees. By hiring those people we could have taught the officials demanding bribe a good lesson. But to do so courage is required which unfortunately Indians lack.

Good news for peace loving Indians: But the good news is that even cowardice has its own advantages. Soon Pakistan will find it difficult to recruit men for terrorist activities in India because Pakistanis feel that their image will take a severe beating as their friends and relatives will mock at them for fighting against namard (impotent). Pakistanis will feel that no amount of provocation will stir the Indians to retaliate and hence there will be no thrill in fighting against these spineless people. So there will be no more terrorist attacks on Indian soil. Instead Pakistan will take a leaf out of Bangladesh and start sending its population into India. As usual our politicians will encourage them and get them ration cards, voter ID cards and Aadhaar card as they (politicians) want to use them as vote banks. Pakistan has to show some patience and within 50 years or at the most 100 years Muslims will become majority in India and the shariat could be easily introduced. Soon after partition in 1947 supporters of Pakistan used to say that they got Pakistan by laughing and will get Hindustan by fighting. (haskar legai Pakistan, ladkar lenge Hindustan). But in the present atmosphere they should change the slogan into- haskar legai Pakistan, aakar lenge Hindustan. (By laughing we got Pakistan, by coming we will take Hindustan).

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