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For uprooting Evil, Force is inevitable

Can changes/reforms be brought in India through peaceful means? Well, it all depends upon the severity of the problems which India is facing. This is similar to how a doctor treats a patient with an ailment. If the disease is in the initial stage the doctor will prescribe a medicine to be taken orally but if it is in advanced stage the doctor will ask the patient to undergo surgery. If at all our grandfathers and fathers had nipped the evils called maladministration and corruption in the initial stages there would not been any need for the present generation to participate in agitation against corruption. But now the tumour called political debauchery/ corruption has grown so big that one has to do surgery to remove it.

Democratic institutions and parliamentary form of government will be successful in countries where the population is not huge and if its people are politically mature. But that is not so in India and hence a handful of men (British) were able to rule India for nearly 200 years and before them the Turks ruled India for nearly 500 years. If Indians were to be politically conscious this would not have occurred. Moreover in the present setup the politicians have fine-tuned their strategies of befooling the people with promises of reforms and good governance so well that people vote to them in every elections in spite of these wily politicians not fulfilling their earlier promises. To give an example in spite of all mega scams in which the present UPA government is involved, the people of Karnataka voted the Congress party to power (May 2013). This shows volumes of the political immaturity of the people in general.  We have institutions like the legislature to frame policies; executive to implement it and the judiciary and police to safeguard it. But when these institutions themselves are filled with unscrupulous elements how can citizens expect justice from them. While much earlier people of India, having lost all hope of any reforms in the legislature had some faith in the judiciary. But recent incidents have shown that men in the judiciary are in no way better than their political counterpart. In Andhra Pradesh judges have been caught after taking bribe from politicians to grant bail. Former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan had accused Chief Justices of Supreme Court as corrupt and his son Prashant Bhushan also talked about considerable corruption in the higher judiciary. Even BJP leader Arun Jaitley has openly said that verdicts of judges are influenced by a desire for a post retirement job. This being the case, how common men can expect justice.

The problem in India is that of a fence eating the crops. We have the RTI. But even if the information provided by the act is published, no action is taken for violation of laws or embezzlement of money. Even after the Lokayuktha conduct raids and seizes assets of a corrupt official, the government just suspends him and after a few months he is reinstated and even promoted. All these have led to the disappearance of fear among the government servants involved in corruption and irregularities. One should go to a government office to see how helpless people are made when they refuse to pay bribe to get their work done. This system is flourishing as the bureaucrats are in hand in glove with the politicians, the latter getting a percentage in the bribe and all the embezzlement done by the officials. The people are helpless as if they raise their voice against the officials the latter takes the help of the police against the people saying that they are not allowing them to carry on their duties. Being a part of the system, the police always support the corrupt bureaucrats and their political masters, the politicians.

During childbirth both the baby and mother experience pain. One has to take a bitter pill to get oneself cured. Just because there will be a loss of blood during surgery we cannot call this an act of violence or in order to avoid experiencing pain if a patient refuses to undergo surgery he cannot be cured. Hence without pain there is no gain. If force is used for selfish purpose it is violence. For instance rape, mugging, etc. But if force is used for a good purpose it is not violence but an act of correcting. If at all we wish to change the present system all men who are passionate to bring about radical changes in the country’s political set up and are ready to sacrifice their life for it should come together. These men should have the combined characteristics of a medieval Rajput, a European Knight and a Japanese Samurai. They should plan meticulously and strike hard on their enemy and rest not till the goal is achieved. They should have the words of Lord Krishna to take up arms to fight evil ringing 24 hours in their ears. To achieve our objectives and fight against the present ruling political mafia we need a well-trained, disciplined force. For this there are two options

  • One is to persuade the Indian Army to organize a coup and help in running the administration of the country by appointing Administrators known for their ability and integrity. In the meanwhile a panel of eminent men from all fields should be constituted to frame a new constitution and till then there should be a moratorium for all elections.
  • The second option is to take the help from outside India. Today there are plenty of mercenaries from failed states who are ready to fight for money. If we have good financial backup the services of these mercenaries could be taken for achieving our cause. This may be anathema to many. But remember even Subash Chandra Bose solicited help from devil incarnates like Hitler and Mussolini in his fight against the British. As it is said everything is fair in war and love and end justifies the means. If at all we have to succeed in our effort to change the present system we should be very practical and not sentiment in our approach.  

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