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Basavapratapism, the ideology to unify Hindus

Cuba a small island situated near the backyard of USA has been defying the world most powerful nation for over five decades. North Korea in the face of worldwide censure and rebuke and economic sanction and political isolation is in a confrontation mood with USA and other countries. Iran has been pursuing its nuclear program with impunity in spite of economic sanction. Way back in 1975 the Vietnamese had given a bloody nose to USA for interfering in their affairs. Contrast this with the position adopted by India when faced with terrorist attacks by Pakistan or intrusion by China. The weak foreign policy of successive Indian government has made our youths hang their head in shame. Terrorist are striking at will and every time a terror attack takes place the government asks the citizens to stay calm. In spite of knowing from where these terrorist are coming no action is being undertaken. When this is the case where was the need for India to acquire nuclear weapons at a huge cost? Moreover the Indian government says that it will not use these weapons at the first instance and will be used only if other countries strike at it first. But common sense tells us that if at all Pakistan or China fires a nuclear missile upon India not only lakhs of population but also our facilities where nuclear weapons are stocked will be destroyed by them. Who will be there to strike at them?

It is due to lack of ideology that our youths are directionless, without hope and lack pride in their religion, culture, language and country. The role models for our youths are actors and cricket players. Especially educated youths look for opportunities to fly overseas and feel embarrassed of their country’s corrupt political class. Today there is an urgent need for an ideology to be adopted in India to mobilize all sections of the society irrespective of caste, class and language to transform India into a powerful state capable of providing leadership to the world in all aspect.

An ideology is needed to mobilize and galvanize the masses for a cause. We have seen the success of such mobilization in Tamilnadu from the Dravidian ideology, in Maharashtra from the Hindutva ideology with Shivaji as the rallying point and in Punjab from the formation of Akali Dal espousing the cause of the Sikhs.

One such ideology which can unite Hindus all over the country is Basavapratapism based on the ideals of 12th century philosopher saint and social reformer, Basaveshwara and of that of 16th century fearless Hindu patriot and the ruler of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. While Basaveshwara stood for establishment of an egalitarian society based on ethical values, proselytization and upheld the dignity of labour, Ranapratap stood for preservation of self-respect, fighting spirit, fierce independence, courage, chivalry and manliness. A combination of the ideals of these two sons of Bharatamata has to be adapted and put into practice to revitalize the Hindu society and for India to shed its image of being a soft, corrupt and an immoral state.

While Basaveshwara’s concept of social justice, eradication of caste and bringing people of other faiths under one religion would help in the abolition of caste and class distinction in India and also help bring Indian Muslims and Christians back into the Hindu fold, an assertive foreign policy as enunciated by Ranapratap if followed will see that our hostile neighbours think twice before undertaking foolish adventures like that of Kargil episode. While concepts of eradication of castes and establishment of an egalitarian society will attract people from the lower strata of society, the concept of proselytization, pro-active foreign policy including a plan to reclaim the lost territories of India will attract people belonging to middle and upper class.


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