How Kashmir is bleeding Hindus

The present state of Jammu&Kashmir consists of Kashmir inhabited by 100 percent Muslims, Jammu by 70% Hindus and 30% Muslims and Ladakh by Muslims and Buddhists in the ratio of fifty-fifty. About 1/3rd of the original Jammu&Kashmir State is under the control of Pakistan and called as Azad Kashmir. Pakistan says that until the Kashmir issue is resolved peace cannot be possible between Pakistan and India. It wants India to give up its hold over Kashmir. In 1947 when the British relinquished their hold over India and several Princely States, the Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to stay independent and later wished his State’s merger with Pakistan. But as the majority of population in Hyderabad was Hindus, the Government of India took police action and got Hyderabad merged with India. On the same logic Pakistan wants Kashmir to be handed over to it even though the ruler of Jammu&Kashmir has signed the instrument of accession with India, as the majority of people of Kashmir are Muslims. India and Pakistan have fought several wars over the issue of Kashmir and India is spending five crores per day to maintain Siachen a strategic outpost for maintaining its control over Kashmir. Leaving sentiments aside, the time has now come for Hindus to introspect about the whole issue of retaining Kashmir.

Zero benefit to Hindus

The Kashmir valley is inhabited by Muslims who hate India to the core. To retain control over Kashmir, the Indian government is spending crores of rupees in the form of salaries to the Muslim bureaucracy of Kashmir, grants for development which are siphoned by the Muslim politicians and for maintaining law and order in the valley. In what way is the Indian Government or the Hindus of India benefitted from Kashmir? Even earlier tourism used to benefit the Muslims of Kashmir and the sale of products like carpets, Kesar, etc. used to profit Muslim manufacturers. The Hindus have not only lost their lives and money but also earned the hatred ness of the Kashmir Muslims. The Hindus cannot own property in Kashmir and now the situation is such that, they even cannot go there as tourists to enjoy the scenery.

The solution

With Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs, the government of India should take up steps to solve the Kashmir issue once for all. Narendra Modi is very keen to develop India economically for which peace and precious resources are important. With his popularity at its zenith Modi should create a favourable public opinion for solving the Kashmir issue through a settlement with Pakistan by –

  • Transferring the valley of Kashmir to Pakistan along with the Muslim population of Jammu and Ladakh.
  • Merging the Jammu region with rest of India and
  • Ladakh to be converted into an independent Buddhist State (like Vatican) by transferring the Tibetan refugees residing in India and the responsibility of its security should be handed over to the UN.

This move would save India hundreds of crores which it could utilize to fence its borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh and make it foolproof. With regards to the millions of Bangladeshi refugees who have already entered India, they should be given an option of staying in India provided they embrace Hinduism; otherwise they should be deported back to their country. The Indian government should induce poor Muslims to convert to Hinduism by providing cash incentives. The government should also ban conversion of Hindus to Islam, ban the practice of polygamy by Muslim men and restrict Muslim couples from having more than two children. If not their population will rise and after some 50-100 years, once again the Hindus will face a threat for their existence.

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