Urgent need for a new Hindu party

With the BJP coming to power at the center, a vacuum has been created among the political parties who would fight or at least highlight the problems faced by Hindus and Hinduism. In fact the BJP had never been a genuine Hindu party as in power its government was not much different from that of the Congress led government and only while in opposition it used to make noise when Hindu interests were harmed. With development being the mantra of the new BJP government, all efforts to rejuvenate Bharatheeya ethos and culture will take a back seat. Hence there is an urgent need for a genuine Hindu party with the following objectives as its goal.

  • To vigourously pursue Shuddhi movement, i.e., to bring back non-Hindus into the Hindu fold.
  • To eradicate caste-system and opening of priesthood to all Hindus.
  • To propagate the ideals of Sanatana Dharma and its philosophy to the outside world.
  • To make Sanskrit as the link/national language.
  • To ban conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity.
  • Introduce separate electorates for Muslims. They should be given one seat in each state to represent the total Muslim population of that state. But elected Muslim representatives should not be given any role in the formation of a government either at the State level or Centre when political parties fall short of majority to form the government. This will prevent Hindu politicians from pursuing appeasement policies and creating animosities between Hindus and Muslims.
  • To officially change the name of India into Bharath and to have a new national anthem composed in Sanskrit and a new national flag i.e., the Bhagvadwaja with om inscribed on it.
  • To allow Hindus to possess firearms without license for self-defense.
  • To close Aligarh Muslim and Jamia Milia Islamia Universities, Urdu medium schools and Madrasas as they are hindrance for Muslims to join the mainstream of Indian society.
  • To ban use of loud speakers in Mosques, offering namaz in public spaces and to stop giving subsidies for Haj pilgrims.
  • To ban Muslim men from practicing polygamy and Muslims couples from having more than two children.

The new party should be named as Akhila Bharateeya Sanatana Dharma Punaruthaan Samithi. The new Hindu party should not stand for elections and instead concentrate on building a strong mass cadre of dedicated men and women of integrity and commitment. Making a stand that it is opposed to electoral politics will prevent power hungry, unscrupulous and rowdy elements from joining the party. The support base for the BJP is from those who are in the corporate sector, English educated upper and middle class, army generals, IAS/IPS officers and legal luminaries. The new Hindu party should be a platform for the vernaculars, rural, lower and lower middle class, hawkers, self-employed, daily wage workers and for ordinary sepoys and policemen; as it is these people who are rooted in this land and devoted to its religion and culture.

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