Hinduvadis vis-à-vis Maovadis

Till now the public do not know the top leaders of the Maoists, where their headquarters is, how they plan, their organizational hierarchy, their source of arms and funding. Contrast this with Hindutva leaders and organizations; they are always in the news for one reason or the other. Recently a Hindu organization held an all India convention where a number of Hindu leaders from various organizations spoke on different issues affecting the Hindu society and religion and the proceedings of the convention was broadcasted live. Will not this move alert their enemies of what is going on in their rival’s camp and identify the leaders whom they could eliminate? For instance in Uttar Pradesh BJP leaders, in Tamilnadu and Kerala Hindu Munani and RSS leaders respectively are being target assassinated. Hence Hinduvadis should emulate the Maovadis and plan their move in secrecy.

Ideologies like Hindutva or Marxism are like medicines to cure ailments afflicting political and social systems. And medicines are bitter and had to be forced down the throat. The Maovadis know this truth and hence they do not believe in public protests or participate in elections and concentrate all their energies in accumulating arms and ammunitions with a view to capture political power. Having strong belief in the maxim that, power flows from the barrel of the gun, Maovadis have succeeded in creating awe and fear in the minds of the public including the government and media. In contrast the media ridicules the Hinduvadis and the government does not take their views seriously.

In India the military, para-military and the police force act as stooges to the ruling crook politicians. While the Maovadis have dared to challenge the para-military, I doubt whether our Hinduvadis could at least put a stiff resistance against the lathi wielding corrupt and inefficient policemen? The difference between the Hinduvadis and Maovadis is due to the latter’s commitment to his ideology. The Maovadis are committed to their ideology as seriously as the jihadis to their cause. Many of these jihadis are students from madrasas where they are taught Koran and Hadis. The jihadis are ready to take lives and sacrifice their own lives for their religion. Contrast this with the attitude of our boys who learn the Vedas and Gita in traditional schools? Are they ready to act as per the advice of Lord Krishna to fight against the evil? Never; their main aim of studying the Vedas is because it will help them in their livelihood, especially in the performance of some meaningless rituals in the house of the rich and the politicians.

With much dismay we have to accept the harsh reality of some Hindu organizations which are nothing but paper tigers and their leaders publicity hungry. A Hindu Rashtra cannot be achieved by these people. Hindus have to think big, as the patriot Lala Hardayal had said that if we Hindus want to keep our children and grandchildren safe not only we should convert all the Muslims of India (at that time India included the territories comprising the present day Pakistan and Bangladesh) but also Afghanistan. In contrast to the big dreams of such patriots, today we have Hindu organizations harassing youths celebrating Valentine’s Day, burning stores selling Valentine’s Day cards and involved in other cheap gimmicks. After all those young men and women who celebrate Valentine’s Day are Hindus. Today the impact of western culture is such that even in so called orthodox families after performing homas for elderly couples crossing certain age or on their fiftieth wedding anniversary, the youngsters in their families cut cake and celebrate. Today our enemies are not only using sophisticated arms but also technology in pursue of their goals. Hence Hinduvadis should not do anything which will alienate Hindu youths that too who is educated and instead utilize their service in realizing their objectives.

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