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Combating Love Jihad and Rape Menace

The menace of love jihad is acquiring an alarming proportion but even the new government at the Centre is turning a blind eye to it and not taking any steps to combat it. In a subtle way the Bollywood provides impetus to young Hindu girls to elope with the Muslim boys. A majority of male actors in Bollywood are Muslims who have married Hindu women. Immature and innocent Hindu girls are influenced by this trend and are unaware of the developments in the long run which they have to face if they marry a Muslim boy.

The rigid caste system in the Hindu society and the conservative atmosphere hinders Hindu girls from expressing their sexual feeling. They know that if they fall in love with a Hindu boy coming from a caste different of hers, their marriage will be a mirage as the boy’s and her family members will oppose the marriage. It is the same fear which inhibits Hindu boys from expressing their sexual feelings. But that will not be a case if a Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim boy. The boy’s family will accept her once she converts to Islam. Not only that the whole Muslim community will come her rescue if her family members tries to forcibly take her back.

One fact which all Hindus should be aware of is that if the Muslims become conservative, they attract adherents and achieve unity. For instance see how the Taliban, Al-Qaida and the Islamic State of Syria are attracting educated Muslims all over the world. But if the Hindus become conservative, it will be a hindrance for Hindu unity; because a conservative Hindu means belief in caste system, touch-me-notism, polytheism, prejudice against meat eaters, western culture, etc. The percentage of Hindu conservatives may be about five percent of the total Hindu population. Now how can we accept that 95% of the population adhere to the way of life followed by 5% of the population and which include many obnoxious and hypocritical practices. Hence to achieve Hindu unity Hindus must adapt a liberal attitude and shed conservatism. This will also attract new adherents to Hinduism from outside India.

Today jihadists have sophisticated weapons of mass destruction and huge reserve of petro dollars. India with its huge Muslim population will definitely be under their target. Hence there should be urgency on the part of Hindu organizations to acquire modern fire-arms and teach Hindu youths how to use them. But it is a pity that many Hindu organizations are involved in activities like assaulting couples in parks during Valentine’s Day just to gain cheap publicity. Instead these organizations should help Hindu boys and girls coming from different castes and who fall in love tie the knots of marriage. Islam prohibits Muslims from entering into any alliance with non-Muslims. Hence if a Muslim boy falls in love with a Hindu girl, he is going against the tenets of his religion. If a Muslim boy genuinely loves a Hindu girl, he must renounce his faith to marry her. Hindu organizations must bring these ex-Muslims into the Hindu fold and protect them from being assaulted by other Muslims. To encourage proselytization Hindus must give up their conservatism.

It is not proper to curb the sexual desires of our youths. If caste exclusiveness disappears, Hindu girls would prefer to marry Hindu boys and not fall prey to the advances of Muslim boys. This would stop love jihad and also create Hindu unity. If boys and girls are allowed freely to mingle and date even the instances of rapes will come down drastically as rapes occurs when sexual desires are forcibly restrained by the society in the name of culture, tradition and preserving the honour of the family and caste.


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