Urgent Need of a Hindu Militia

Just think over it. Of all the living animals (mammals) the most vulnerable is man. If not for his intelligence even domesticated animals like cow, ass, dog, cock can cause terrible bodily damage to him if at all a contest takes place between him and the said animals. The main reason is due to the fact that man possesses intellect and a lot of energy is consumed in thinking, while the animal lacking intellect conserves energy and utilizes it in physical activities including in contests. In the same way Hindus when compared to other religious groups in India are more intelligent, sensitive and has the reasoning power and the result is that even though numerically large in number they are always at the receiving end whenever communal riots break in any part of India. As a rabid communalist of Hyderabad has rightly said if not for the police and other security forces, a handful of fanatic Muslims can cause severe damage to the Hindus if instigated by their mullahs and maulvis. But how long can Hindus leave their security to the Indian police establishment who are just a mercenary force having worked earlier under the British and now working for the corrupt politicians.

Indian political parties cannot protect Hindus

Most of the Hindus are under the impression that if the BJP comes to power Hindus would be safe, which is a false notion. The BJP is like just another political party in India with an aim to capture power so as to enjoy it; while some of its leaders want to make quick bucks other want to earn fame. For instance see how the BJP reacted when one of its MP (Sakshi Maharaj) in a public speech asked Hindus to give birth to more children. He was given a show cause notice and reprimanded. After all he was asking Hindus to have more children and had not targeted or criticized any community. Can’t he express his personal view when the constitution has guaranteed freedom of speech? Contrast this with what the French government did after the Charlie Hebdo incident. It is said that the French government’s department of Culture financed money for the weekly to print lakhs of copies once again carrying the cartoons of Muhammad. Do you think the BJP government would have done the same? No, not even in their dreams they could have the guts to do that. To give another example what was the need to invite Obama who had humiliated Modi by denying him a visa, to the Republic Day function? Obama after enjoying all the honours showed his true colours by taunting the Modi government with the words that religious intolerance in India would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi. Why can’t Obama preach religious toleration to Saudi Arabia? However much India tries to appease USA, it will never stop aiding Pakistan or forsake the friendship of Saudi Arabia, the two countries where seeds of Islamic terrorism are sown and sprouted. These incidents shows that our leaders are more interested to showcase themselves as progressive, development oriented, peace lover, etc., than protecting the interests of the country. Recently Israel turned Gaza into rubbles when attacked by jihadist Hamas. In spite of international condemnation for its act to bomb schools and hospitals, Israel did not care as the jihadists had used women and children as shields and schools and colleges as launching pad to fire rockets towards Israel. Hence terrorist organizations like Al Qaida, ISIS, etc. do not dare to attack Israel and Israelis have been living amidst hostile aggressive neighbours for more than half a century. What this show is ‘Power begets Respect’.

Recently a Hindu convention was organized in Bangalore where Sri Praveen Togadia was supposed to speak. But the Bangalore police at the instigation of the ruling anti Hindu Congress government banned his entry into Bangalore. Now my question is even with a BJP government at the Centre which is supposed to be a Hindu nationalist party, the organisers of the Hindu convention could do nothing against the ban imposed by the police authorities of Bangalore. If there had been a Hindu militia the Congress government and the police would not have dared to impose a ban on Sri Togadia.

Formation of a Hindu Army

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, having a superior intellect the Hindus must accept the fact that they cannot take on the Muslims physically. Just like man uses his intelligence to tame a beast, Hindus should use modern gadgets to protect their interests. These modern gadgets are firearms like automatic pistols/revolvers and rifles. It was the firearms which gave courage to Europeans to set foot on new lands and explore the world and later conquer it. Hindus should get inspired by their Gods who fought frequently against the evil forces. Would we have worshipped Lord Rama if instead of fighting Ravana; he had sat in dharna outside the gate of Ravana’s palace? Lord Shiva is seen always with a trident, so also our Goddess Durga Mata and this should be imitated by all true Hindus. Instead of purchasing properties for their children, Hindus should purchase firearms which in the coming days could protect the lives of their sons and honour of their daughters. History tells us that Chandragupta Maurya took help from various quarters including outlaws to overthrow the Nanda dynasty. The proposed Hindu army should utilize the service of semi-literate, unemployed youths and also those having suicidal tendency and counsel the latter to die for a cause instead for trivial reasons. Every state should have its own Hindu army and they should coordinate with each other during the time of emergency. As for procuring arms, they could be purchased from international arms dealers or by bribing our security men. To train the Hindu army we could utilize the service of our ex-service men.

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