For a Resurrecting Bharath

For Bharath to be resurrected as a world power and Sanatana Dharma to be followed all over the world, the following organizations have to be started.

  • Sanatana Parishad– To spread the sublime practices of Sanatana Dharma and to promote it across the globe. From the first generation converts our expectation should be that they get disconnected from their old religion. Only the second generation can be fully Sanatanised. Hence conversion should be made easy for those who desire to adapt Sanatana Dharma. A model of how to adapt Sanatana Dharma for beginners is given in this site
  • Sanatana Dharma Granth Parishodhan Samithi– A lot of interpolation has taken place in our ancient religious texts and this was done by unscrupulous persons with vested interests when these texts were put into writing and during subsequent revisions. The above Samithi should identify and remove offensive, obnoxious and illogical verses/statements made in all our sacred texts including epics and puranas and republish it.
  • Sanatana Bharath Punaruththan Samithi– To document practical ideas that would make Bharath a world power, to eradicate poverty, bring social harmony, bring progress and prosperity, end corruption and make Bharath a leading economic and military power.
  • Sanatana Sena– To organize an exclusive militia for the protection of Sanatanis across the world and especially in Bharath. For those who are skeptic about the feasibility of this militia, just think over this issue. The Indian army is five million that is about fifty lakh men strong. The main reason for the majority of those who have joined the army is because it offers a secure career and for some the prestige the uniform gives and for some the thrill the armed forces offer in terms of sports, foreign travel (especially for men in the Navy) and other adventures. Only a few hundred may have joined due to patriotic sentiments. But this never deters the Indian army to fight against the enemy when the situation arises. Similarly for the formation of Sanatana Sena what we need is just fifty dedicated Sanatanis in each Indian State who are ready for any sacrifices. They should be well versed in the language of the State, its history, culture, customs and day to day politics of the State. With twenty nine States plus the Union territory of Delhi, the total number of volunteers for the Sanatana Sena would be 1500. Well with this small force can we fight against anti Bharath and anti Sanatanis forces? Yes we can when each Sanatanis hires just ten mercenaries who would work for him for money. This means 1500 Sanatani Sainiks will have 13,500 men under their command. What we need is a good source of funding. When this is secured, with proper planning, modern technology and equipment we can eliminate our enemy and be a terror to them. A very good example is how with its tiny population the State of Israel has been fighting against its Arab neighbours with huge population. Moreover the Sanatani Sainiks in each State should coordinate with each other to fight the enemies of Sanatanis.

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